positive words and music.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "Is this some kind of religious thing?"
A: SingSpirit (positive words and music) is simply our record/publishing company and our means to promote our own music. "Sing" and "Spirit" weren't chosen totally at random when this name was created over a decade ago. We try to be positive and uplifting with our music and with how we live our lives. Our circle of friends include people from all walks of life and all religions. We're interested in what we have in common rather than spending time worrying about how we might be different.

Q: "Can I send you a demo CD of my songs (or my singing)?"
A: We can not accept unsolicited material. At this time, the projects booked exceed our manpower, but we will be seeking both artists and material in the future. Submissions will require approval in advance and instructions on getting your package delivered safely.

Q: "What's your address?"
A: Our Nashville address will be offered to you if and when we authorize material to be sent.

Q: "I keep going to SingSpirit.COM out of habit. How do people remember to go to SingSpirit.NET!?"
A: SingSpirit.COM was taken right before we made our move. Our acquaintance Robin Crow wrote a book called "Jump and the NET Will Appear". That's what's helped us remember. We've also since purchased the .com domain and redirected traffic, so you're covered.

Q: "Which royalty organization are you affiliated with?"
A: While ASCAP and SESAC are certainly fine organizations, we have chosen BMI -- both as publishers and writers. We have a great relationship with the Nashville office.

Q: "Do you do concerts and fundraisers?"
A: Absolutely. Sean and Laurie perform their original music and some old favorites at all kinds of venues. See our "Performing Live" page. Sean also enjoys doing speaking engagements.

Q: "I write songs (or music or lyrics/poems). Do you have advice on how I become a professional songwriter?"
A: Lots of it at this point, but too much to type here. If you live in Nashville, take Barbara Cloyd's ( "Ready for the Row" seminar. Wherever you live, join NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association, International- You may also take our seminar simply called "Songwriting 101". It's offered all over the country from time to time and it's often sponsored by Kawai piano company.

Q: "Where does space end?"
A: "Uuuuummmm..... "  (blank stare)